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Geeks behind the Iron Curtain: Yugoslav tech-socialism and the imaginary future

Geeks cover image

Kristian Benic’s book digs out an impressive bulk of geeky stories not just about Commodores and Spectrums, but the Socialist Federal Republic’s very own futuristic endeavours While the Soviets were

Let them eat horse: Everything you wanted to know about horsemeat but were afraid to ask Tesco


Out here in the Balkan wilderness, horsemeat is less of a scandal, more of a delicacy. Here’s a quick overview of horse restaurants and recipes from around the region, including

“Galebovi”, gigolos of the Adriatic

Illustration by Blanka Boskov

What happened to the once widespread male prostitution on the Croatian coastline? Our editor Lily Lynch gets in touch with some of the boys still operating Bronzed, brawny and glistening

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Halloween edition: an incomplete guide to Serbian horror

Leptirica (1973), Goran Markovic's classic

Just in time for Halloween, we watched some of the best and worst horror movies from Serbia and Yugoslavia so you wouldn’t have to. From cult 1970s vampire classics to

Dimensions Festival, Croatia: The best underground music in an abandoned fortress at sea

Dimensions main stage by Marc Sethi

This year, the ruins of a 19th century Austrian fortress overlooking the Adriatic Sea will play host to the first ever Dimensions Festival, featuring a jaw-dropping lineup including Nicolas Jaar,

The story of JAT: the best and the worst of Balkan air travel

Fly JAT: not exactly the best value for money

As you attempt to navigate the region by plane, it becomes apparent that real distance between nations is better measured in the time, money, and hassle it takes you to

A gig to remember: Kim Gordon and Ikue Mori live in Belgrade

Kim Gordon

The Sonic Youth star backed by the Japanese electronic virtuoso treated the Belgrade crowd to a show they will never forget. Too bad if you weren’t there When it was

Behind the mirror: the invisible lives of Serbian transvestite sex workers

These girls got balls: Serbian transvestite prostitutes in a cabaret performance in Belgrade

Serbian transsexual prostitutes offer a peek into their lives on the Belgrade streets and the violent sexual abuse they suffer from the police. And they do it in a killer

Eurovision: high camp from Balkan to Baku

Bebi Dol

This year’s annual event celebrating all that is gauche, glittered and benignly nationalistic, will be the most controversial Eurovision competition of all time. Of course, the countries of the former

McDonald’s in the Balkans: a brief history

Kosovo: a DIY McDonald's

From a source of national pride to a symbol of US imperialism, the American fast food chain has left its mark in the Balkans In March of 1988, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

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