The best of EXIT 2012

Exit 2012 2

Our tips for this year’s edition of the best music festival in Eastern Europe. Bturn is having a stage too, and you’re all invited EXIT 2012 Novi Sad, Serbia July

Tough Guys of America

Tough Guys of America

If by any chance you came across Belgrade’s alternative music scene of the past decade, it’s unlikely you never heard any of bands these boys played. Names like 36 Daggers,

Mr Panos speaks out: the roots of the Greek financial crisis


Hello Germany, Mr Panos delivers his message from the Hellenic people all over the world: the Greeks have been playing a trick on you from the beginning Check out the

Twenty-one microconcerts for twenty-one elevators

Lukatoyboy 21 concerts 21 elevators

Not that you really care, but today is World Music Day. Two years a go, on June 21, we followed the Serbian sound artist Lukatoyboy performing his 21 microconcerts for

Hey politician, what’s so funny?

Kamerades politician 7

The documentary photo collective Kamerades have put together a little photo collection of Serbian politicians laughing their asses off, despite failing to form a government a month and a half

Eastern Daze Vol. 2: Judgment Day

Eastern Daze Vol 2

A year and a half after its debut compilation of Eastern European music, Eastern Daze is back with another brilliant selection of contemporary sounds from the region In their own

Lenhart Tapes

Lenhart Tapes

One guy, 4 walkmans. Goat and sheep dialogues, muslim chanting, noise rock loops, e-bow instructions, turbo-folk anthems, language lessons, satanist rituals, heavy metal guitar for beginners… Probably the biggest cassette

The real Balkan prom

Bulgaria prom

Bulgarians know how to get to the point Yes, prom is that special event in your life when you celebrate the useless years you spent in high school getting drunk,



BICIKL was formed in Belgrade, Serbia, in autumn of 2008. Two immigrants from Lithuania started the band with the idea to promote old Lithuanian pagan traditions and gather in one

Street Eyes

OkO Bturn I 01

Teenagers from Belgrade’s drop-in center trying their hands on documentary photography – the result is stunningly good, so check out their exhibition at Mikser Festival OkO Ulice (‘Eye of the