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Herzel is a multitalented Macedonian artist, originally trained in photography and visual arts. His music knowledge and experience is formed by passion for music and sound itself, but also from

Amplidyne Effect

Amplidyne Effect

Experimenting with the different sounds of guitar, synths and field recordings, Macedonian producer Martin Georgievski a.k.a Amplidyne Effect creates an interpolation of ambient, experimental and electronic music, ranging from subtle

Andreas HZ

andreas hz

Playing monthly residencies at various clubs in Skopje, Macedonia, DJ/producer and radio show host Andreas Hz has crafted a masterful live act by blending together his diverse production portfolio of


DSPH's "Contrast  Trauma", first version. Performed on Kanal103's 20th birthday in Skopje. Number of epileptic seizures occurred during the performance: 0

Disphilharmonia (or “DSPH”) is an experimental laptop quartet from Macedonia. While their live audio/visual work is mostly improvised, it typically retains a recognizable structure, whether conceptual or aesthetic, with each