Darth Vader walks through Sarajevo

The Empire strikes back, but it's a soft blow. Darth Vader and Stormtrooper in central Sarajevo. Photo:

The Power of the Dark Side might not be so entertaining for Sarajevo’s ordinary citizen given the city’s recent past, but there were gleeful laughs when Darth Vader strolled down Tito’s street

Serbian ambient electronica dedicated to HR Giger

HR Giger ambient album putopisi serbia

Eerie noises, unearthly radio frequencies and an occasional synthetic kick drum paying respect to the late biomechanic surrealist The eponymous album by the Serbian sound artist Putopisi, released on May

Megadeth Isn’t Done: 2015 Album On The Way

With the heavy metal genre having long enjoyed a great deal of popularity in the Balkans and Eastern Eurpope, Megadeth is one iconic group that still has a following in

Bturn TV: Loco Dice Interview

Loco Dice

It’s been a long time coming, but 2014 finally brought Desolat label boss and worldwide DJ superstar Loco Dice to the Serbian capital. In a relaxed stroll around Belgrade, local

From Murals to Playing Cards: Aleix Gordo Hostau


Renowned street artist designs poker playing cards, taking advantage of the growing popularity of poker. Much like street art and graffiti, poker is quickly gaining acceptance in the mainstream Street artists

You must have heard about Romanian techno by now?

Cymatic at Victorian Vaults, London Shoreditch

*Via Techno is not big in London nowadays, certainly not as some bass-related derivatives but the genre still holds a devoted base of followers. Resonating in resident foreign cultures

Serbinale: Festival of New Serbian Arts and Culture, Berlin, 29. August – 1. September 2013

serbinale poster

During the four-day festival, German audience will get to see the best of new Serbian art and cultural production outside the usual Balkan cliches According to the festival organisers, “Serbinale

Sponsored Video: Tuborg and Pitchfork Media invite you to become a Music Hunter

Tuborg Music Hunters

Audition to become a Music Hunter and gain exclusive access to festivals, concerts and private gigs while documenting your entire experience through Twitter, Vine, Instagram and YouTube The international beer

Futuristic solar-powered mosque in Pristina remains just an idea


An Italian architect has a bold plan to build a solar-powered spherical Mosque in the center of Pristina but the local Islamic community is not impressed As an entrant into

Bturn #009 podcast: DJ Borka

DJ Borka, listening to a retro iPod on a bus

Co-owner of the cult Slovenian label rx:tx, Borka has been spinning records for more than 10 years. “Started with breaks but now it’s a bit more hectic, usually with a

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