Estonian Ministry of Creative Affairs in London

The best of Estonian fashion scene hits the British capital this week as part of BFC’s International Fashion Showcase from Feb 15-19

Karl Annus, wooden spectacles / Estonian Ministry of Creative Affairs

Presenting the work of four breakout Estonian designers under the umbrella of an experiential fictional Ministry designed and created by Helen Sirp, the showcase – a considered and contemporary curation of womenswear, menswear, accessories and sunglasses – is part of International Fashion Showcase, a collaborative project launched by the British Council and British Fashion Council in 2012.

From 15th – 19th February 2013 the Ministry will be taking over a renowned London arts venue, The Horse Hospital, promising to transform the space into a “mythical journey inspired by Nordic nature and its unique aura”.

The aim of the curators is to explore innovative ways of presenting the Estonian emerging fashion through multidisciplinary means: “Employing moving image, storytelling and set design, an audiovisual narrative introduces the viewer to the designers: Kadri Kruus (Leather Accessories), Kristina Viirpalu (Womenswear), Karl Annus (Wooden Spectacles) and Kristian Steinberg (Menswear).

Kadri Kruus, leather accessories / Estonian Ministry of Creative Affairs

Their stories are united through a fairy-tale-like fashion film, featuring designers’ products as characters in a dream-like scenario. Shot at -20 C in harsh Estonian winter by fashion photographer Indrek Arula, the film features an original soundscape composed by translating pixel sequences of film stills into electronic melodies.”

Estonian Showcase open daily between 15th – 19th February, 2013

*Running for the second time in February 2013, the International Fashion Showcase is a collaborative project launched by the British Council and British Fashion Council. The aim of the initiative is to open up London Fashion Week to international public and offer the opportunity to explore the work of emerging fashion talent from around the world.