Gramatik, the Slovenian file sharing hero

The Slovenian-born music producer’s global popularity is only rivaled by his commitment to global freedom of information. And yes, he’ll let you rip his latest release

Most of you are probably not aware of it, but Pirate Bay regularly pepper their front page with what they call doodles. The doodles are usually simple and straightforward messages from artists, bands and video game developers who, in a gesture often perceived as heroic and noble, implore internet users to download their work for free. The cynical among us probably view this as a bit of a publicity stunt, but it really seems that some of these artists sincerely care about copyright issues, internet freedom and censorship.

One of the most prominent ones is undoubtedly Gramatik, who publishes Pirate Bay download links to his discography on his Facebook profile and who titled his last record #digitalfreedom (yes, with a hashtag).

Gramatik, real name Denis Jasarevic, home country Slovenia, is an over-130.000-likes-on-Facebook producer of chilled out beats for the American label Pretty Lights. Denis attributes his formidable popularity throughout Europe and the US to the power of free file sharing. While there have been artists who have tackled the problem of internet piracy in a similar way, Gramatik’s relatively radical discourse opens some interesting new cracks in the theory of intellectual property as a whole.