Rita Ora: Made in Kosovo

The 21-year old rising star of British R&B returns to her hometown Pristina, Kosovo for the video ‘Shyne Ya Light’ off her debut album ORA

Now that’s patriotism. Ora scarfed in Kosovo flag.

Heavily advertised even before any of her music came out, Rita Ora has been picking up a bit of a momentum in the UK as posters for her just released debut ORA (Roc Nation, 2012) flooded the London Tube stations. For the album’s latest single ‘Shine Ya Light’ the 21-year old Kosovar-born steps out of her comfort zone of West London and jumps on a plane to her hometown Pristina. As she had already mentioned on previous occasions, she’s “doing it for my country”. Indeed, with a lot of natural charisma and a clean, powerful voice, she can certainly claim the title of being Kosovo’s best-known worldwide export (even though she left her homeland when just a baby). And yes, filming a video in Kosovo probably costs like fifty times less then in Hackney, and has got a slightly more ‘edge’ to it, right?

Seriously, what better piece of ‘nation branding’ can you get than these 4 minutes of heya-heya on the dusty roads of Pristina that feel almost like a parentally approved Mad Max prequel…