The Bambi Molesters

Photo © Sasha Belopolanski

When thinking of Croatia the first thing that comes to mind is probably its magnificent Adriatic coast. And where there’s beautiful beaches… surf’s up! Although rather far from the sea, Sisak’s The Bambi Molester’s obviously know how to surf with perfection. One of few explicit protégés of the famous R.E.M. and one of the favourite bands of The Cramps, they’ve been going strong since 1995 and have been light years away from becoming one of those monotonous and conventional surf rock bands you come across all over.

While their engaged live performances guarantee a series of goose bumps, Molesters’ studio-recorded blend of old school surf bursts, Morriconesque richness in arrangement and urban mariachi passion makes one’s heart tremble with pleasure. Here’s a clip from their mind-blowing concert double CD/DVD, A Night in Zagreb (2001), which might just give you a nice combined experience of the two:

Collaborating with Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts) on their side project The Strange or touring across the world on their own, Dalibor Pavičić (first guitar), Dinko Tomljanović (second guitar), Lada Furlan Zaborac (bass) and Hrvoje Zaborac (drums) are as modest as they come. “The best surf-rock band on the planet” (Peter Buck) functions as a perfectly tuned happiness machine not really giving a damn about fame or stardom. Make sure not to miss them the next time they causally ride the wave past your house.