Bturn VIP terrace at EXIT Festival

An exclusive one-off selection of Balkan producers and DJs on the Bturn VIP terrace at this year’s EXIT Festival. Chill out and fire up with some of the boldest beats on the fortress: Brickwall Brigade, The Good Guys, Neki Stranac, Kompleks, Jackie Dagger, George Michael jackson, 33-10-3402, Grasshoper, Biskoteka and many more

If you already have an EXIT ticked you’ll need a separate bracelete to get on the terrace. We are giving away 5 x 2 braceletes for the first 5 people to sign up for our newsletter. Go!


Thursday 12 July

20:00 iLLiLLiLLiLLiLL
22:00 Mihael Simic i Rade
23:30 The Good Guys
02:00 Brickwall Brigade
03:30 Lukatoyboy

Friday 13 July

20:00 Biskoteka
21:30 Stevie Whisper Jr
00:00 Whitemonkey and DFX
02:00 Jackie Dagger
03:00 Kinjo

Saturday 14 July

20:00 Doo
22:00 George Michael Jackson
00:00 Kompleks
03:00 Pytzek

Sunday 15 July

20:00 Neki stranac
21:30 Nikola Zmajevic
23:30 33-10-3402
01:30 Nikola Marinkovic
03:30 Grasshopper

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