Tough Guys of America

If by any chance you came across Belgrade’s alternative music scene of the past decade, it’s unlikely you never heard any of bands these boys played. Names like 36 Daggers, Plus Life, Spitliver, Cut Self Not, While, Threesome would probably ring a bell in this case.

After years of screaming, slam-dancing and playing loud as fuck, these four punk kids gathered in late 2011 as Tough Guys of America to slow it down for a change and make nothing but contagious pop tunes.

Drawing the line through 60’s classics, late 70’s attitude, 80’s Top of The Pops and 90’s teenage movies might be the way to describe their sound. Tags like lo-fi pop or bands like Girls, Real Estate, Vivian Girls, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart could also work as a reference to something hot these days… Their first 7″ is about to go out during summer 2012 on their own SuperSizeShe label. For now, you can enjoy a digital version on here.