Balkan warriors: stars of the small screen

They got the looks, charisma and some cash lying around to produce a video. Well, at least they think so. The audience reactions are not always what they were hoping for

There’s some mysterious force that makes muscled Balkan men think they got what it takes for the big screen, even though instead of acting lessons they just spent time in a local gym. The results are usually hilarious, even though they were definitely not making a comedy. And thanks to YouTube, their audience is now measured in hundreds of thousands.

He was a man of few words. He came from Serbia. He could do 50 push-ups in 10 seconds… using nothing but his penis. And he loved movies so much he even produced and starred in one. The movie was, of course so bad, it ended up becoming a cult film. This scene about sums up what kind of acting you should expect:

Curiosity: the website Internal Bleeding that reviews only bad movies lists this one among their favorites.
Epilogue: Gidra was unfortunately shot dead in a drive-by in 2001, under still unresolved circumstances.

The President-King of Montenegro
This man’s appearance is an impressive one. Dressed only in a pair of knickers and a sword, Boro would have definitely been a frightening sight and a respectable opponent one thousand years ago. Good thing about his video is that it has English subtitles so the only thing you have to do is hit the play button and watch.

Curiosity: Boro was a real presidential candidate in Montenegro in 1991.
Epilogue: He did not become a president, nor king… yet. But he can still throw 50 punches in 10 seconds.

Bosnian Rambo
All the guys did this stuff when they were kids, shooting an imaginary gun, pretending to be Rambo. After a while, we tend to stop doing this because, well, it’s just plain silly. But some of us are not so easily stopped by common sense. Take Nedzad “The Bosnian Rambo” for example:

Curiosity: right after he became a viral hit on YouTube, Bosnian police knocked on his door wondering where he got all those pieces of weapon he used in the video.
Epilogue: after one recent quarrel, Nedzad got into a fistfight with his neighbor. Unfortunately for him, his neighbor is the Bosnian kick box champion, and Nedzad is now in a hospital recovering from multiple fractures.