Street Eyes

Teenagers from Belgrade’s drop-in center trying their hands on documentary photography – the result is stunningly good, so check out their exhibition at Mikser Festival

OkO Ulice (‘Eye of the Street’ in Serbian) is a project by photographers Dragan Kujundzic and Zeljko Safar who’ve gathered teenagers from Belgrade’s drop-in center Svratiste and gave them an exciting opportunity to express themselves artistically through snapping pictures of their daily lives. Kujundzic supplied these (mostly Roma) kids with a bunch of Nokias and HTCs, before unleashing them on the streets to try their hands at documentary photography.

We were lucky to spent an afternoon with Emir, Mirko, Sadik and Dzej, watching them reclaiming the streets, beatboxing, rapping and breakdancing and taking these badass pictures.

The photos will be exhibited at Mikser Festival in Belgrade, May 25 – June 2.

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