Lukatoyboy, a.k.a Luka Ivanović is a musician, sound designer, journalist and radio editor from Belgrade.

His main sound/music activities include producing & performing electro-acoustic improvised music using real-time sampling, feedback, field recordings and small iPod FM transmitters. On the other side of the groove, he’s playing nanotechno and free IDM on a Game Boy.

He is also teaching music workshops on circuit bending and does electronic music workshops for kids. Since February 2007 he is the co-organizer of the improvE nights in Belgrade, encounters of electronic musicians and improvisers, which also serves as a host for the local Share-events.

As a journalist he writes about music, pop culture, the internet and technology for various magazines and websites in Serbia.

Lukatoyboy: Twenty-one micro concerts for twenty-one elevators from whitemonkey on Vimeo.