Wonderfully freaky: Doris Bizetic, ready for LA

We need this woman to become a superstar

Grotesque, bizarre and trashy at first glance, with her mutated, self-produced R&B that sounds like Ariel Pink and Night Jewel overdosing on auto-tune, the 26-year old Doris Bizetic Nygrin absolutely kills it. The moves, the lyrics, the hairdo, yes, that horrible vocal effect… what year, what era? Do I see Robert Smith from the Cure, the new romantics, no… Adele, Susan Boyle… wait… Salt’n’Pepa?
Who cares. It’s wonderfully freaky and sincere, and there’s actually some good music there, freak’n’b to the bone, and we mean that in a good way, you know, like “freak folk” or whatever. All she needs is a good producer and she’s ready for LA.

Doris comes from a musical family. Her dad is an entertainer and musician who used to have a band in ex Yugoslavia called Rokeri s Moravu. This is how they looked:

Here’s Doris in one of the worst Serbian TV shows ever, Zikina Sarenica, still on air. Watch the moves (starts at 0:45):