Interview: Bricka, the Eastern European immigrant rapper

Your worst nightmares about Eastern Europeans are about to come true. On YouTube, at least

London-based comedian of Serbian origin David Vujanic has become an underground hit on YouTube with his character “Bricka”, a parody of an Eastern European migrant in the UK. Vujanic is playing with Borat-style humor, creating a local rap-star out of Bricka who drops rhymes about his everyday life: his problems with the immigration office, his views on women’s rights and cheap loft conversion. Bturn interviews The Vujanic in quest of finding out what makes him tick and what’s the idea behind his character.

First of all, a question we are all dying to hear: How much DO you charge for loft conversion?

Forr yu maj frend, Aj chardze veri gud prays! VERI GUD !

What was the inspiration behind Bricka?

On a more serious note, the inspiration behind Bricka is firstly my Father, who himself has been in the building trade for the past many years, thanks Dad. It also just seems like everyone in London, that has come from the Balkans is involved in such a job, them and the recent influx of migrants from the new EU nations have further inspired the creation of the character.

Do you think this kind of comedy helps fight against prejudice?

I think it does, humour breaks done boundaries & gets people talking, as for people who get easily offended, lighten up!…There is only one life. Stop being so angry.

Did you get any complaints from people who didn’t get the joke?

I have had a few comments saying I should die or get beaten up on YouTube, but that comes with producing stuff on such a website, but I must say it is very minimal, I think most people can see it is a joke and my ethnic background sort of allows me to develop such a character without causing too much offense. But look at the most risqué comedians and how far they have gone. Sacha Baron Cohen being the obvious example.

I know Bricka is just a tiny part of your work. Tell us a bit about your other projects? Plans for the future?

As for other projects, I did some Tea Towel Gang videos, a quite silly gang which is inspired by some of the confused Urban youth of today that think they are “gangster”. I like to do random stuff, for example the “Azonto” video which I did over Christmas, where I did a popular African dance on the busy shopping roads of Central London…on Boxing Day. Ive had small roles in music videos of some popular UK artists (Dappy- Tarzan Freestyle, Lethal Bizzle- Not a Saint), another video where I am dancing for a BIG African artist should also be out soon. As for Bricka a sitcom type series should be out on YouTube soon which includes other big UK YouTubers. Quite a few things. So keep a watch out!

Any work offers from mainstream media in the UK? Can you make a living out of doing comedy?

So far no real serious offers from mainstream media, however some steps have been made & I hope to end up in such a field one day! I believe I can make a living out of comedy, I have even worked with people whose living is funded by producing YouTube videos! As much as I do love YouTube, Id love to work in TV full time one day, whether as a pre enter, actor or writer. As long as I enjoy what I am doing. However being from a Balkan family, education is valued very highly, so Im planning on finishing my degree in International Relations first… I’d rather just drop out to be honest… but don’t tell my Dad.

Who are your role models in comedy?

My BIGGEST role model is Sacha Baron Cohen, I am also a fan of Russell Brands eccentricity, however I must pay homage to acts such as “Shadrack & The Mandem”, Jon Lajoie & The Lonely Island, who have all made huge impacts on YouTube and inspired me to produce some of my own stuff!

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