Duboka Ilegala

Duboka Ilegala (deep ILLGL) claim to be the founders of “trash-hop”, a mixture of live played trip hop and references to Serbian trash/turbo-folk culture. It is a nebulous love affair that somehow makes perfect sense. Duboka Ilegala creates a powerful collage of avant garde and kitsch, underlining the darker side of both. The band’s eponymous release is a collection of tracks recorded at Belgrade’s legendary SKC radio during its most profilic period (2001-2005) before it was shut down. In their own words, “Deep ILLGL is like the sound you’re getting when you’re standing between four Belgrade coffee-shops.” Sounds like madness? That’s because it is.

“Sedi u moj svemirski traktor da oremo mlečni put / Sit in my space tractor to plough the milky way…”

Duboka Ilegala – Svemirski Traktor (MKDSL Bass Oranje Rmx) by MKDSL

Svemirski traktor by Duboka Ilegala

Le Shina by Duboka Ilegala