NOVA ISKRA: Designers Lab Open Call

Design Incubator NOVA ISKRA (Belgrade, Serbia) invites applicants from the area of design (22 to 35 years old), active in the domains of industrial and furniture design, interior design, architecture (with special focus on furniture design and home accessorize) to apply for membership in their DESIGNERS LAB program

Photo: Luka Knezevic Strika

In the unique working environment, 18 selected members will have a chance to develop their skills and knowledge while using modernly equipped space, participating in numerous educational programs for professional specialization and development, and networking with the industry sector.

Design Incubator NOVA ISKRA

Design Incubator NOVA ISKRA is an independent, innovative and self-sustainable platform for the professional development and affirmation of young industrial and furniture designers. NOVA ISKRA’s working space represents a junction of encounters, creative exchange, mutual support and joint ventures. The goal of NOVA ISKRA is to create realistic and sustainable connections between designers and manufacturers that will result in products, which should besides enriching domestic market with their cutting-edge design and quality of production, become competent on the global level, as well.

Nova Iskra Teaser from Andrija Kovač on Vimeo.

Additionally, with its continual program activities, NOVA ISKRA will provide its members with logistic and educational support in the wide spectrum of activities: from initial idea to the realization of every individual product, design development, copyright protection, market positioning, PR strategy, and further aspects of the process in question.

NOVA ISKRA is intended to support young designers at the beginning of their professional carriers, from various domains such as industrial design, furniture design, architecture, interior decoration, graphic design and all other creative fields that can find their practical use within the manufacturing sector. With its unceasing affirmation of advanced and innovative concepts and approaches NOVA ISKRA wishes to inspire young design students – potential members of Design Incubator in the years to come.

NOVA ISKRA Workspace

Design Incubator NOVA ISKRA is located in the Gavrila Principa street, in the exciting Belgrade’s Savamala neighborhood – new center of Belgrade’s creative industry. Equipped with modern interiors and designed for its core purpose, NOVA ISKRA “open space” occupies the area of 350m2, and it is divided into two levels and several spatial units in order to answer all designer’s needs, who are direct beneficiaries and users of the space.

The future look of NOVA ISKRA Workspace

Modernly equipped space, entirely designed to fit the needs of its users, provides not only quality technical means and tools, such as fast wi-fi connection, meeting room, workshop for model production equipped with all necessary tools, printers, photo-corner and other functions, but also an inspiring working environment that encourages networking, collaboration and realization of joint projects.

Besides its basic function – to offer working space for its selected members, NOVA ISKRA will be realizing numerous other projects, educational programs and professional meetings, intended to attract not only the creative sector representatives, but the representatives of small and medium businesses and manufacturers, as well.

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