Balkan Art Now: Get involved in the present

Online gallery showcasing contemporary Balkan visual art where you can actually buy the artworks

Milcho Pipin (Macedonia): The Chessman / 2010 (Size: 116 x 77 cm, edition of 20) €960

Balkan Art Now (BAN) is proud to be the first and only online gallery space that showcases unique contemporary Balkan art, focusing on painting, drawing, mixed media, graphics and photography. It offers an innovative space for both the artists and art collectors, as well as the Balkan and wider international community.

Marko Stojanovic (Serbia): Jackson Pollock / from the series: Food Art Eat Art Number 4, 1950 Pittsburg, The Carnegie Museum of Art / Pasta with nettle, black olives, soya sauce, sour cream, parmesan, onion powder, saffron, parsley (Size: 100 x 70 cm, edition of 20) €720

You can submit your artwork through BAN website for a review by their art panel. According to the website, all artworks selected are directed to collectors, art experts and art lovers worldwide. The project is still in its early phase, so expect more artists to join the community very soon.

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