Crni Pek: anthology of experimental and outsider music in 1990s Serbia

The 20-track compilation features rare and undiscovered underground gems from the troublesome 90s. Somewhere between noise, post-punk and borderline insanity, they sound fresh as ever. Free download for your listening pleasure

If you’ve ever been turned on by the sound of bands like DNA, Liquid Liquid, Mars, DAF or Einsturzende Neubauten than this is for you. The just released Crni Pek compilation of Serbian 1990s underground builds on the legacy of post-punk, no wave and industrial music in the most exciting way.

The last decade of the 20th century in Serbia will be remembered as a period of war, political instability and deep economic crisis. In words, nothing short of a complete disaster, a perfect momentum for adventurous artistic explorations and bold experimenting that occur in times of true despair.

Once you touch the bottom, the only way out is to hit the core. This is exactly what the artists on this compilation were doing. Crni Pek is not for the faint-hearted: noisy, offbeat and completely messed up, just as the country and era that gave birth to it. The most fascinating thing is how fresh these tracks sound today, even if sometimes played on cheap Casio synths and captured in bedroom tape-recording sessions. It shows how an unconventional body of work can eventually resist the test of time and become immortal, or what we like to call – a classic.

*Free Download: Crni Pek: Ponornice Devedesetih (Nacionalna Asocijacija za Umetnost i Kulturu, 2012)

BOGALJI – patuljak patrljak by nebriga

STARR & WEBB – jamais by nebriga