photo by Stanislav Milojkovic

If you thought Belgrade’s short on punk rocking bands with skinny guitar playing frontmen backed by all-girl rhythm sections, think twice. Meet Repetitor, the explosive young trio in the limelight of the recent Balkans rock revival scene.

After winning the regionally esteemed Art & Music festival in Pula, Croatia, in 2007, the band has been hailed as Belgrade’s answer to The Rapture. Rolling its own take on the classic sound of 1970s post-punk and new wave, their debut album Sve sto vidim je prvi put (2008) came out on a local independent label ‘Odlican Hrcak’ to rave local reviews. The stop-motion video for the single Opet Jak, directed by Milos Tomic, perfectly fits Repetitor’s jumpy, high-strung sound.