Serbia, an audio travelogue by Eastern Daze

Easterndaze is a project exploring the best new music from Central and Eastern Europe through a variety of channels. Their 2010 audio odyssey through Serbia was finally aired last week on London’s Resonance FM and you can now grab it as a podcast.

Belgrade, photo © Irena Radinovic

In their own words, “politics, society, past and present, all this features in the hour-long documentary – a result of painstaking editing of the heaps of audio material that we amassed during our two visits”.

The show features a diverse array of sources ranging from found material to field-recordings of Belgrade and Serbian environments, online and real-life interviews with music-makers, culture-activists, label owners and researchers. Among others the show includes Dusan Zica of Temple of the Smoke, Lukatoyboy, Vuksa Velickovic, WoO, BELI4, Ne-ton, Ivan Ckonjevic of Novi Sad’s Improstor and Rap Cats.

Easterndaze Travelogues – [02] Serbia by easterndaze

Apart from their blog, Eastern Daze includes radio shows (London’s Resonance FM, Czech national circuit Radio Wave, netradio, concerts and music releases. The project goes beyond the “patronizing view on ‘hip’ Eastern Europe”, focusing on upcoming experimental and electronic artists with an aim “to increase the strikingly low informedness and foster cooperation between the Eastern European artistic scenes”.

*The hour-long show about Serbia’s music landscape is the second show from the Easterndaze Travelogues series for the UK arts radio Resonance FM. The show was originally broadcast on 25 December 2011.