Help us understand what Indira is singing

The song you’re about to hear is probably a historic one. It’s the first attempt to try and transfer the authentic Balkan-style turbo folk emotion into French language.

The only problem we have is that we cannot understand the lyrics. It’s not because they are in French, the thing is – nobody can make out a single word Indira is singing. Some even go so far as to say it’s not French at all, but some made-up language that just sounds French.

Indira and Stanko – Marija

We need your help. Can you make out the words to the song the lady is singing?

UPDATE: A reader says that some of the lyrics might go something like this:

Avant si proche de moi
ton regard file déjà
toi tu penses à demain
je ne suis plus rien

Une longue rivière
dans ton coeur lassé
On s’est vraiement aimé,
le temps s’est arreté.