Kino Siska

Comprised of four complementary spaces, Kino Šiška is a large high-tech centre for “urban culture” located in the Šiška area of Ljubljana.

Striving to fill the niche between mainstream and underground venues (such as Tovarna Rog and clubs of Metelkova City), this publicly funded centre has become one of the most praised achievements of the existing mayor of Ljubljana.

Kino Šiška’s engine runs on conceptual framework of former cultural critics and media editors who’ve had strong links with various alternative cultural institutions in Slovenia. Since its opening in 2009 it has been hosting exhibitions, theatrical and dance performances, experimental projects as well as numerous indie concerts of various genres.

Once a socialist movie theatre (hence the name Kino which translates as a cinema), Kino Šiška’s general feel is rather aseptic and devoid of warmth. The program nevertheless is terrifically progressive, attracting the crowds varying from cheeky punk-rockers and slick hipsters to graceful contemporary theatre-goers.