Darth Vader wants free land plot in Ukraine

Ukrainian disguised as the Star Wars villain stormed Odessa City Hall demanding to be granted a plot of land to park his spaceship.

“I am Darth Vader” he told the guards at the entrance. “I hear that land is being carved up in the city of Odessa, and that many deputies, city administration and the mayor have joined the Dark Side. I have come for my parcel of land for the spaceship.”

Lord Vader’s move comes after the city authorities’ recent decision to grant portions of land at attractive coastline locations to a small number of Ukrainians. In fact, the land was given to just five people, triggering public debates on the ongoing practice of corruption. As the local website Dumskaya reports, the mayor admitted a “mistake” in the process, but the decision was never revoked.

“I will receive an answer within 30 days whether or not I can receive land on the hills of Odessa for my landing craft”, Vader said at the end of his visit, citing Ukrainian legislation that grants every citizen the right to own 1,000 square metres of land. “I think everything will go smoothly as the mayor and many deputies are with the Dark Side.”

Too bad he had to take off his helmet in front of the office administrator stamping his form. But that might be just another proof that the Dark Side is bigger than Vader himself.

Odessa City Hall spokeswoman Anna Osipchuk stroke back: “We are not the Dark Side. There are only Princess Leias here.”

Okay, but to us that administrator looks more like Jabba The Hutt. Go Vader, go.