Urban guerrilla group fighting for Belgrade cinemas

“Beograd film”, the Serbian state-owned chain of 14 cinemas was privatized back in 2007, and since then, cinemas in Belgrade have been closed. The only ones you can find today are large multiplexes, mostly in big shopping malls.

While it’s true that the “Beograd film” cinemas were in lousy condition, and that movie-goer turnout was low in the last years, the current state of affairs, with cinemas completely forgotten and shut-down, hasn’t made much of a difference. Something needed to be done.

The informal art group “Povratak otpisanih” (roughly translated as Return of the underdogs) decided to raise awareness about this issue by small urban guerrilla performances. The latest included replacing the old sign of the now defunct “20. Oktobar” cinema with the more appropriate one: “No cinema shows today. Please come yesterday.”

For more info on previous actions of the group see Laki’s post.
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