Marko Nastic

By far the biggest Serbian DJ star, Nastic made his name in the 1990s when just a teenager, taking up residencies in Belgrade’s iconic club Industria and playing gigs all over the Balkan region with his bandmate Dejan Milicevic as Teenage Techno Punks. Nastic’s straight-forward 4/4 techno defined Belgrade’s early electronic scene, while his technical competence in mixing brought him near the top of international household names over the years.

His first 12” solo releases came out on Slovenian label Recycled Loops in 2002; by the end of 2004 he set up Recon Warriors, dubbed as the first Serbian all-techno label.

After more than a decade of spinning records all over the world, he is still as passionate about music as ever: playing Rio, London, Paris, Amsterdam or a remote village in Serbia equals on his tour schedule.

In 2009 Nastic released his first full length album, under the alias Fatboy Jr, as a free download, conveniently titled Music For The People. Featuring an array of local guests (from Croatian Lollobrigida to Belgrade’s underground art icon Johnny Rackovic) the release is a result of his experimenting in more conventional, pop-like approach to electronic music.

Although the only Serbian DJ appearing on the covers of local mass tabloids, Nastic keeps a steady cult following among his fans. They are easy to be spot on a heavy club night, squeezing around the decks next to their idol, following his every move, every knob twist, in sacred devotion.

Marko Nastic live @ club Colosseum Skopje Macedonia 28.05.2011 by MarkoNastic