Catering to the music tastes of Ljubljana’s more rockish crowds, the two-floor Orto is a rather capacious club, embellished with Pulp Fictionesque red velvet and huge stainless steel vent turbines.

It hosts a mash of rock’n’roll, rockabilly, hard rock, heavy metal, indie rock, funk, 80s pop and even plain disco DJ events, as well as smashing gigs by cult underground rock bands and desolate performances by cheesy local Metallica wannabes.

Though Thursday and Friday nights in Orto may seem reminiscent of a student meat market erected on a bridge over the Cheap Liquor river, it’s actually one of town’s last bastions of the old school leather-jacket rockers and bikers. They would probably want you to treat it with respect or take a hike – to the nearby Metelkova City, for instance.