Gala Hala

Photo by Eva Taucar

Occasionally accused of leaning towards the mainstream by alternative die-hards, Gala Hala is arguably the busiest concert venue of the Metelkova City autonomous cultural zone.

It’s comprised of a club for 350 people and an outdoor Summer Stage garden in the back that opens in warmer months, hosting up to 900 concert attendees.

Run by the Kapa association, Gala Hala prides itself with 100 events per year, particularly indie gigs, covering a wide range of genres from reggae, ska, dub, funk, hip hop, drum’n’bass and electro to punk, hard core, metal and rock’n’roll.

In parallel to promoting critically acclaimed indie acts from around the globe on Gala Hala stage(s), the Kapa association also runs the Kapa Records label featuring regional bands, such as Moveknowledgement, Overflow and Red Five Point Star. Since it provides a haven to the ultra-popular Zeleno Sonce monthly DJ/VJ extravaganza and other regular clubbing events, it has become a favourite with young designers, hedonistic artists and cultural editors, especially when they are craving a dancing all nighter – dressed in ludicrously cool 1970s outfits, if necessary.