Bizarre Balkan Universities: Part Two

University of Graz professor who made a list of bizarre Balkan universities has received some bizarre mail in his inbox

Couple of weeks a go, in September, we posted a list of bizarre Balkan universities by professor Florian Bieber from the University of Graz, originally published several months earlier on his blog. The post was by far the most visited on our website for that month and we guessed the search engines loved the combination of words “bizarre” and “balkan”, putting us close to certain animal porn websites. However, some mainstream news publications like Balkan Insight and Montenegro daily Vijesti, picked up the post and since then, it has gone a bit viral.

Following this, professor Bieber got some bizarre mail in his inbox, courtesy of No 6 on his list – International University of Struga, Macedonia.

The letter looks like it’s been written by someone who has less brains than a google translate software and you’ll have to read it in entirety to fully grasp the scope of its madness. The professor replied on his blog, so we’re passing the entire piece over to you.

A friendly letter from the International University of Struga

In June I wrote a post on private universities in the Balkans with strange names or websites. For some reason, the blog was picked up a few days ago and become quiet popular. In addition to a short article in Vijesti which noted that UDG (or as a reader calls is JuDiDži) is on number 3 of the top 10, I also received the letter below from the International University of Struga.

Dear Mr. Florian Bieber,

Well, Mr. Bieber let us teach You that when a researcher comes out with such accusations should make serious research because any other allegation without facts is cause for a criminal offense.

Even relying on data from our website, we responsibly claim that you have not handled it well because what you say African-American students, is information that we have a good academic collaboration with the University of California precisely with American Heritage University.

In the future when you undertake to write articles of this type be well informed and do not play with the dignity of institutions and employees. From where do you know the academic staff and their quality? You stay in your office, click on the web pages of universities and make decisions, well, Sir in order to come up with such facts at least you are supposed to stand up from the chair in which you are pinned and to visit these universities and explore, if one day you want to become a professor in the true sense of the word.

According to the above and according to the values that should possess a professor turns out that you are in the top list of most miserable professors who play and imagine they are scientists.

Obviously you need attention!

We inform you that for Your accusation the legal department of our university is preparing to submit criminal charge because it is a slander.


International University of Struga

Now I should clarify a few things: the list of bizzare universities was based on the self-presentation of the universities and their name. Some might be trying hard to become respectible institutions, some are degree mills (I just heard that there is a university in the region housed in a former mill).

Now specifically for the International University of Struga. When I wrote that “According to the website, the uni boasts many African-American and Asian-American students, palm trees,” this was not based on field work, but on irony. If one visits the website of the university the pictures look like they were bought from the ACME university photo shop and do not seem to show much of IUST. Thus, if one were to rely on the photos, it would look like the student population of IUST looks more like that of a college in California than on lake Ohird.I am also curious to hear how claiming that a university is having African and Asian-American students and palm trees is slanderous (even if it is not true).