Ivan Ikic

Graduated in Film and TV Directing at Belgrade’s Faculty of Drama as the best student in his generation, Ikic (1982) has directed several documentaries, short fiction and commercial films.

His documentary road-movie Tarot Serbia (2009) follows a popular Serbian tele-psychic and fortune teller whose controversial work the director sees as an exercise in collective psychoterapy of a nation traumatised by war, poverty and mass media manipulation. The film was awarded First Prize at the documentary festival Beldocs in 2010.

Ikic is currently filming his first full-length feature under the working-title Barbarians, a grim account of growing up in a society built on shattered moral values, corruption and crime. Influenced by the new league of Eastern European art house production, the film deals with the lives of ‘another lost generation in the dust of Serbia’s transition’.

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Scenes from Ikic’s upcoming full-length feature Barbarians:

barbarians 3_ivan ikic barbarians 2_ivan ikic barbarians_ivan ikic