Watch out, it’s the Angry Serbian!

For a moment we thought this guy was just another nationalist dickhead talking to himself on YouTube, but it turned out he just may be a kind of homemade Serbian Borat

In a weekly videolog on his YouTube channel, a guy calling himself Angry Serbian embodies every possible cliche about Balkan dudes: he’s big, muscled up, wears gold chains and Oakley sunglasses, listens to hip hop and talks street wisdom nonsense mixed up with militant nationalist rants, wrapped up in a heavy Eastern-European accent. He’s kind of chilled out, but always ready to lose his temper.

With all these ridiculously overemphasised features, Angry Serbian seems both real and made-up. The guy stands somewhere in the grey area between tragedy and parody and his xenophobic uberSerbian nationalism might as well be a joke on the Serbs themselves. Or maybe not. Either way, you got to love him.

Watch Angry Serbian giving you a free fashion lesson on how to dress like a True Serbian:

The Serbian goes out on the American streets. He finds out that Americans apparently know very little about Serbia.

But when the Serbian gets really pissed off is when he encounters the “real” American: his gay, God-fearing roommate.

Urban Dictionary
Angry Serbian: a person who has lived or lives in Serbia who becomes fairly disconcerted at certain things, usually regarding insulting his country by saying they play soccer with cans.