One of the most talented young Serbian producers, Luka Papic a.k.a MangulicaFM feels comfortable in the sound of contemporary indie electronics that’s based in dub and instrumental hip hop. Mangulica filters these two through a palette of local ethnic melodies, wonderfully chopped-up and (mis)treated with delays and flow interruptions.

His two EPs in 2011 – Disznotor (collaboration with dead/Bird from Los Angeles) and Third Eye sound like the kind of material Mad Professor and Flying Lotus would record if left together somewhere in the Balkan hinterlands.

He has recently started his own label Over9000 featuring up-and-coming independent producers from Eastern Europe. MangulicaFM’s latest, self-titled release (Apr 2012) is available for free.

“Mangulica is the only surviving autochthonous Serbian breed of domesticated pig. Other two, Šiška and Šumadinka died out. A breed, also known as “woolen pig”, due to its good qualities, is considered a “noble”, but it almost died out in the 1980s. Its fat has up to 80 % cholesterol and triglycerides less than a common, white pig.”


MangulicaFM-колаж by mangulicaFM