Accompanied by clicks and blips of random mobile devices, Woo plays multiple-layered ambient sounds on his electric guitar, as the winds of Americana stroll through the locks of his hair, sending him deep into the Mojave desert… Yes, it’s sunrise, and we’re waiting for that peyote to kick in.

In fact, Woo did conquer some Joshua Tree, playing on top of a bus during the Belgrade-Boulder ViceVersa tour through the North American continent in 2010. Apart from the US road-trip, he has played a number of solo shows in Serbia and around Europe: Berlin, Malmo, Copenhagen, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Gothenborg, and Amsterdam, including festivals such as Today’s Art, Dis-Patch, Trnfest, Mars, Re-lax and others.

Woo’s live performances are often backed by glitched psychedelic imagery created by the artist Incredible Bob.

He is the main creative force behind the ad hoc collective Belgrade Noise Society and has released 2 official solo albums so far: Mobi Rock (rx:tx, 2007) and Come Blue (a.star recordings, 2008), alongside appearing on several compilations, free web releases and live recordings: With The Flowered Mind (Phantom Channel / Herbarium Records, 2008/2009) Solo Electric Guitar Live @ SC, Zagreb (Hisbarium Records, 2008) and Inside Acoustics (Herbarium Records, 2008)

WOO @ TodaysArt08 from mediateletipos on Vimeo.