Jan Nemecek

Already as a young newcomer, Nemecek had built a strong reputation on the Serbian club scene for his live skills and sleek, tight beats that span from minimal techno to more abstract dub-influenced rhythms.

After releasing his first tracks in 2006, he performed at Exit Festival, barely aged 17, making him one of the youngest artists at this event ever. A year later he co-founded one of the first Serbian net-labels – Norbu, sliding into a more experimental side of electronica with his Kalope alias.

In 2008 he released his debut 12″ – Multiply EP, for Traffica Records, with the title track showcased on the Belgrade Coffee Shop 2008 compilation.

When performing in clubs, Jan is known to prefer playing live, presenting the development of his tracks on the dancefloor, rather than just straight mixing. Together with Piece of Shh, he makes Belgrade’s electronic superstar duo Brickwall Brigade.

And yeah, the boy comes from a musical family – his dad Robert Nemecek played some killer bass lines in socialist Yugoslavia back in the day with his band Pop Masina on their album Kiselina (1973).


Jan Nemecek – Live @ The Code 26.02.2011. by Jan Nemecek