Serbian ambient electronica dedicated to HR Giger

Eerie noises, unearthly radio frequencies and an occasional synthetic kick drum paying respect to the late biomechanic surrealist

HR Giger ambient album putopisi serbia

The eponymous album by the Serbian sound artist Putopisi, released on May 12, 2015, is dedicated to the late Swiss painter, sculptor and designer HR Giger.

The album comes in both digital and physical format. The physical release is limited to 10 hand-numbered copies: 6 CDrs in black wooden box, plus original scratchboard artwork and an exclusive bonus 46 minutes track.

The artist explains:

“The box is dedicated to the soul of H.R. Giger which departed Earth during the recording sessions of Putopisi I – VI, May 12th 2014. Some ethereal vibrations of its cosmic departing might have been caught from the ionosphere on those recordings, by two WWII military tube radio receivers without antennas. This material also contains an occasional synthetic kick drum.”


Recorded in Brestovik, mastered in Vitebsk1920 facility. For order inquiries, get in touch with Putopisi: