You must have heard about Romanian techno by now?


Cymatic at Victorian Vaults, London Shoreditch

Cymatic at Victorian Vaults, London Shoreditch

Techno is not big in London nowadays, certainly not as some bass-related derivatives but the genre still holds a devoted base of followers. Resonating in resident foreign cultures (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Lithuanian, Belgian) the community experience here sometimes stretches beyond the usual drug-induced euphoria.

Strangely enough, some of the best techno today comes from Romania. Along with street beggars and art house film, techno is Romania’s best-known cultural export.

Over the last several years the Romanian scene emerged as sophisticated both in reception and production. The likes of Rhadoo, Raresh and Petre Inspirescu have become international household names while labels such as Dark Clover and Origami Sounds are setting grounds for techno’s future incarnations.

One of the Romanian crews making their way through the London club vortex is the mysterious Cymatic collective. Couple of weekends ago they threw a pretty solid party down at Victoria Vaults on Great Eastern St in London’s Shoreditch district. Watch this girl getting carried away:

A curse in disguise was the fact that for some weird reason you were forced to puff your fags indoors, evoking the good old days when the cigarette smoke used to soak up body odours in every club on Earth. Watch out, the Romanians are coming.