Serbinale: Festival of New Serbian Arts and Culture, Berlin, 29. August – 1. September 2013

During the four-day festival, German audience will get to see the best of new Serbian art and cultural production outside the usual Balkan cliches


According to the festival organisers, “Serbinale is based on a conviction that the trigger for social, political and economic change lies in arts and culture. Main goal of the project is to ascertain the idea of multiculturalism through incitement of active cultural exchange and partnership between German and Serbian art scene.”

The organisers point out the festival has no state support of any kind. Apart from a few private donations, Serbinale is almost a “no budget” event.

The festival’s first edition is divided into four segments – film, arts, music and academic debate, across 3 locations in Berlin: Kino Babylon, General Public Gallery & Urban Spree. Details about the program can be found here.


The festival’s theme – About the Invisible, “points to the fundamental problem of Serbian contemporary art, which is, as such, barely recognised, and almost invisible in the international arena, but also in the country. Most of the contemporary artists in Serbia are victims of the state cultural policy, which is not interested in promoting new art.”

The organisers conclude that “Despite, or perhaps because of this, young artists create extraordinary and engaged pieces of art building therefore valuable, but fragmentary cultural heritage.”

Serbinale has issued a call for volunteers – photographers and videographers interested in documenting the event in Berlin. Go fill out this form and become part of the festival team.

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