Sponsored Video: Tuborg and Pitchfork Media invite you to become a Music Hunter

Audition to become a Music Hunter and gain exclusive access to festivals, concerts and private gigs while documenting your entire experience through Twitter, Vine, Instagram and YouTube

Tuborg Music Hunters

The international beer company has teamed up with the acclaimed US music website to offer you a first class music adventure. Tuborg and Pitchfork are on a lookout for creative social media reporters to document and share their experiences from some of the biggest music events in the world.

Luka Ivanovic, aka Lukatoyboy became one of the chosen few and was given a chance to go behind the scenes of Northern Europe’s largest music festival – Roskilde in Denmark. Luka is a experimental musician and sound artist from Serbia, but also an avid social media user with multiple accounts all over the web, so tweeting and instagraming for him comes naturally. The fact he’s also an experienced radio journalist surely helped him get the most of the acts he interviewed at Roskilde. These have included The National, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Flatbush Zombies and the eccentric Detroit rapper Danny Brown.

Tuborg is one of the brands that have been keeping a steady relationship with the music industry over the years, getting involved in major music events such as Exit, Greenfest and Roskilde. Their latest initiative, a collaboration with Pitchfork Media, is an attempt to offer a new form of music reporting, adapted to the egalitarian social media experience. In our information age everyone can report on the world’s affairs from any spot on the globe. Twitter or Vine have provided just as useful a news outlet as CNN or the BBC on more than one occasion.

Quick real-time reporting through social media is not only suitable for revolutions and political turbulences but also for various culture and arts happenings where discussion and debate is triggered alongside trivial chatter. Anyone can do it, right? Well, give it a shot and see if you can jump on board.

For more information on how to apply to become a MusicHunter, check out the project’s official website: musichunters.com

*This article is sponsored by Tuborg. Wohoo!